Sunday, August 8, 2010

Selling My Land
By reading this it’s a start. Hopefully can become a reality.
I’m offering to you a change to invest in buying Land or buildings in a future tourist area just been open by Government for future planning. Beautiful bits of Land for sale from half Acre to large blocks never been built on. To see a photo would not give justice one has to be there in person to stand on the earth its self see the beautiful scenery, feel the warmth of the air and to know this can be yours. To know that you can buy this piece of land and build a beautiful houses for yourself and family or make a business by contracting out to other, choice is there for you. An investment but on other hand a new lifestyle open to those who want something different

6,2 Hectare for sale                                                                                      4,2 Hectare
Beach front White sand beach                           Beach front White sand beach                                                                           

Friday, June 11, 2010

golden investment has just been presented to us to be able to handle on owner’s behalf the sale of two out standing properties privately owned on a beautiful tropical island. Only 20 minute boat ride from the main land of the new tourist island of Lombok which is situated short distance from the popular island of Bali

I have two block of land for sale white sandy beach front
The First land which is near by is different in which it juts out into the sea with beach front on either side. land size 4.2 hectare. I Already built a large size private house with a million dollar view especially full moon which reflex’s right back from the sea to this island. Behind this house is a semi detached giant kitchen plus store rooms. Below just 20 meters from beach front has built a private two bedroom bungalow for guests.This properties has an extremely large beach front impossible to loss your sea views.Then the land rises halfway up a hill with even more spectacular views, and many trees to sit and relax under.
So where is this special heavens dream retreat? Situated in the new developed and up and coming tourist island of Lombok.Which is 25 minutes flight away

The second of the two properties
is about 6.4 hectare in size
starting right on the beach front while its white sandy beach and large shade trees go back to a big area of flat land then rising easy walk to top of hill with a magic 360 deg view over looking other outer small islands and mainland of Lombok. This piece of land has so many opportunities to develop or just leave as is for private use


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